SJS International has strategically covered a vast spectrum of market channels, including wholesale, distribution channels, modern trade, retail shops, e-commerce, and online platforms. This holistic approach underscores their commitment to meeting consumer demands through various avenues and showcases their adaptability in today’s dynamic business landscape.


SJS International has 35 Years of wholesale experience and dealing with MNC's (Multinational Corporations)

Distribution Channel

SJS International boasts the broadest geographical reach across Pakistan, establishing a vast network of over 65 distributors.

Modern Trade

SJS International has established strategic partnerships with prominent players in the modern trade sector, including Carrefour, Metro Cash and Carry, Al-Fatah, Imtiaz, and Chase up.

Retail Shops

SJS International operates a robust retail network under the brand name RIOS, consisting of 115 outlets spread across Pakistan, while also maintaining Shop in Shop collaborations with Al-Fateh, CSD, and Stylo Shoes.

E-commerce and Online

SJS International maintains a strong presence across its own ecommerce platforms.

We are committed towards diverse consumer demands and adaptability in today's dynamic business landscape.

What we do:

SJS INTERNATIONAL is built on the value of hard work, commitment & resilience.