Here at SJS International, our marketing muscle comes with an integrated and dynamic approach that extends across diverse functions. With a dedicated in-house brand marketing team at its core, we synergize creative brilliance, trade insights, and strategic vision to craft holistic brand narratives. The team’s adeptness in 360-degree integrated marketing communication (IMC) and brand strategy empowers the company to resonate with its target audiences seamlessly. This multifaceted team collaborates closely with trade marketing experts who decode market trends and consumer behavior, ensuring that our strategies remain finely attuned to evolving industry dynamics.

Cracking the Code to Effective Branding

Our company’s marketing reach extends across a gamut of channels. From out-of-home advertising that claims attention on bustling streets to TV commercials (TVC) that engage and resonate with millions, we embrace diverse mediums. Radio promotions and SMS campaigns facilitate direct and personalized communication with customers, while public relations (PR) efforts cultivate trust and credibility. The digital domain is not overlooked, as we forge ahead with impactful social media strategies and comprehensive digital marketing initiatives that traverse the virtual landscape.

Beyond mere content creation, the company’s emphasis on effective retail branding, influencer partnerships, content engagement, and third-party below-the-line (BTL) execution vendors underscores its commitment to delivering memorable and resonating marketing campaigns that leave a lasting impact. Through a combination of in-house expertise, strategic collaboration, and a comprehensive suite of capabilities, we continue to set new benchmarks in the world of marketing.

Our creative team forms a vital component of this marketing ecosystem, breathing life into concepts and ideas. Within the confines of a state-of-the-art studio, they harness cutting-edge technology to produce captivating visual content that captures the essence of each brand. This enables the company to maintain a consistent and compelling visual identity across platforms. Further enhancing its capabilities, we engage external agency partners to tap into specialized services, fostering innovation and diversification in its marketing initiatives.