We at SJS International have established a robust and sophisticated IT infrastructure to support our diverse business operations and enhance efficiency across various departments. Our IT infrastructure represents a sophisticated blend of security, efficiency, and innovation.

Digital Empowerment Technologies

At the forefront of our security measures we have Sophos Firewall (Next Generation), ensuring a high level of protection against cyber threats and unauthorized access. This firewall solution uses cutting-edge technology to protect sensitive data and maintain the integrity of their digital ecosystem.

To optimize our financial management processes, we have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. This comprehensive ERP solution streamlines financial workflows, enhances reporting capabilities, and facilitates accurate decision-making through real-time insights. This software empowers us to effectively manage financial data, monitor expenditures, and ensure compliance within a dynamic business landscape.

For human resource management, we have a Human Resource Management System provided by FlowHCM. This integrated platform supports efficient personnel administration, talent acquisition, performance evaluation, and payroll management. With the help of this platform, we can better nurture our workforce and ensure alignment with our strategic goals.

With the help of C Analytical Business Intelligence we can analyze complex data sets, uncover meaningful insights, and refine business strategies. This analytical framework helps us respond swiftly to market trends and evolving customer preferences.

Ginkgo Retail serves as the cornerstone of our E-commerce operations. This platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools to manage online retail processes, from inventory and order management to customer engagement and sales analytics. Through Ginkgo Retail, we ensure a seamless and customer-centric experience in the realm of E-commerce.